My Story

Once upon a time there was a nurse, and she retired too early.

Every day she would rise and shine, make her bed, but had nothing to do.  She thought and thought.  

Every morning was just like the other one. A cup of coffee, (or several) and the TV.

One day over a cup of coffee, she started doodling on a scratch pad. 

 And as she doodled she remembered her love of drawing and art.

Because of this, she had an idea.  She picked up her iPad and looked for a drawing app.  She was desperate for an outlet.

Because of this, she found an app that gave her a virtual canvas and the ability to make her own colors.

 It was a challenge, but she taught herself how to paint with pixels.

Finally one morning over coffee her husband said to her,

"You ought to sell those prints. They look pretty darn good!".

And that's what she decided to do. She learned how to work up a website, and she applied for a business license. She found herself a tent and introduced herself and her work to the world at a local farmers market.

She learned to get over her self-doubt and fears, and to call herself an artist.


I create art for the ordinary folk. Nothing deep. Nothing to move the earth beneath your feet.

I like to think ​of my art as supper in a hardworking home – a tasty something that is looked forward to and savored after hard day, a coming together of family and friends.

I want each of my pieces to live on in the cozy environs of mom’s kitchen, above pop’s workbench or sis’s sewing room. They will be the silent participants in the Christmas and wedding photos.

I want to think they will become the friends of a family and be a witness to the comings and goings of life circling around them. Nothing deep, but definitely not superficial. They were created to be a part of the stage of living an honest life.



“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”


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