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What are digital prints? 

 Well as you look through my offerings, you will see how technology and art blend so well together. All the colors are produced by magic on a monitor screen, the lines and the shading, the exposures and the vibrancy, the hues and the contrasts are all created with an iPad and a stylus and a hand. Some folks don't believe this is really "art'.

You be the judge.

Art is what you and millions of other folks say it is - from a stylized Michelangelo to a whimsical graffiti of Banksey - it is art - it is all art.

About Me

  My name is Gerryjo Morgan. I like to bring my curiosity to the substrate of what ever I am working on. Seeing the details and small nuances of the face or the eye gives me great pleasure in recreating on paper or a virtual canvas. I am curious by nature, and by fault. It gets me in big trouble!  I draw what I know, the way authors write.  Its my passion and avocation.  I want to bring affordable art into your home because art is important in our lives.  I think its as important as food and water.  It feeds the soul.  ​

Thank you for stopping by to see my art. I appreciate your visit and look forward to working with you.  I enjoy collaborating.

It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you!

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Morgan Art Studio

Benson, North Carolina

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Feel free to get in touch using the form to the left, email me at, or just click on the little "F" below to reach my Facebook page.   I look forward to hearing from you!

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